The Living Tapestry Workbook

A beginner’s guide to designing and weaving tapestry

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The Living Tapestry Workbook is an introductory guide to designing and weaving tapestry.
Its step-by-step instructions simplify tapestry weaving, making it accessible and easy to do. The workbook covers all the basics needed to get started and serves as a companion to further creative explorations in tapestry weaving. This edition beautifully illustrates in full colour the complete tapestry process from initial sketch to finished woven tapestry, and clearly demonstrates all the steps from warping the frame loom to taking the tapestry off the loom.

The Living Tapestry Workbook introduces the philosophy of Canadian tapestry artist Thoma Ewen, and shares her technical insights and knowledge gained during more than 40 years of weaving and teaching tapestry to all ages and levels. She communicates the ancient indigenous belief that weaving is a sacred path, and illustrates how tapestry’s vital contemporary role is to transmit the energy of peace.

I have read your wonderful book three times now and each time I gain a new understanding. It is amazingly life changing for me as a Tapestry Artist! What a gift your book has been to me personally in my own tapestry journey. Amazing words, heartfelt lessons…thank you for making tapestry weaving such a beautiful experience. You went straight for my heart! Your book is instrumental to a Weaver’s soul!”
–Donna Wynn, United States

So many texts on tapestry focus on the mechanics of weaving alone and don't give voice to enhancing other skills in support of cultivated woven expression; yours does.
–Louise Adams, Germany

Thanks to your Workbook, I finally trust in me, in my art and its potential ”
– Arianna Saviola, Spain

Thanks for your wonderful book! Although new to tapestry myself, I right away tried out the technique you recommend teaching beginners, a blending exercise, and then taught a friend this way. She loved it and declared, "this can save the world!". Thanks for the wise words on weaving. I have that same experience that even a few minutes of weaving can create miracles. A new approach to creativity for a new world.
– Rachael Wassenaar, United States

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