Tapestry Workshops

Professional Development Class

Inspired by the natural environment, workshop participants explore and develop their own creativity, immersed in techniques and practices developed at Moon Rain Centre that demystify tapestry weaving, making it accessible to everyone.

Hope MacLean
Hope MacLean weaving Dance of the Northern Lights
Christopher Allworth
Christopher Allworth weaving Arctic Sun
Francoise Chartrand
Francoise Chartand weaving Voile de Nuit

Level One: workshops for beginners

This weekend workshop is an introduction to the art and craft of tapestry weaving. Basic techniques are explored and practiced on small frame looms. While learning to blend colours and build woven shapes and lines, participants create a small tapestry to take home.

Level Two: weaving tapestry

During this week workshop, the patterns of nature inspire woven tapestries, as each participant explores in depth the tapestry weaving process, developing and weaving a visual idea into a finished tapestry.

prerequisite: Level One

Level Three: mentoring

Mentoring responds to the unique questions and concerns of individual advanced students. Emerging tapestry weavers are shown how to recognize and develop their own unique creative gifts, while learning to become active creative members of their own communities.

prerequisite: Level Two and portfolio

Level Four: weaving and culture

A workshop for teachers, arts educators and cultural facilitators

Weaving transmits the energy of Peace. It has a calming, harmonizing effect on people, especially on children, so is an excellent tool for today’s classrooms and community centers. This workshop teaches simple creative weaving skills and projects that are suitable for all ages, abilities, and cultural programming budgets. In this workshop participants learn how to turn the family ragbin into woven fabric art projects, how to make simple frame looms and weave on them,  how to make cloth looms and more.

prerequisite: Level Two

Misty Morning Approaching the studio the north field winrows at dawn Photos by Ken Ewen & Jamie Cruickshank

camping and accommodation available on-site
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Worksops are available in your community or at Moon Rain
Contact Thoma Ewen at 819 457 9711 or info@moonrain.ca for availability and scheduling

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