The Boyne River Ecology Centre Tapestries

A photo of The Boyne River Ecology Centre

The Boyne River Ecology Centre is the ecological display, meeting and teaching facility of the Toronto Board of Education situated near Shelburne, Ontario.

Moon Rain Centre was invited to design and weave tapestries on the theme The Four Elements that would function as both visual art and sound baffles. The wool fibre and texture of tapestry weave provide this additional function. The tapestries hang from the wood beam ceiling above a circular walkway, viewable from both sides. They are woven to permit light to penetrate the weave structure, creating visible “lines of light”. The tapestries appear to be woven with “lines of light”.

Air Fire Earth Water

Within the context of this self-sufficient solar building, the tapestries illustrate the relationship we all have to the sun, to the natural environment and to The Four Elements: Air, Fire, Earth and Water.

Douglas Pollard, Architect
Greg Allen, Environmental Engineer
John Todd, The Living Machine water system
Arnold Matthews, Photography


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