Commissioned Tapestries

designed and woven for public and residential spaces

Forest Floor, 1998
Forest Floor, 1998   3.5' x 4.5'
residential commission, Toronto
photograph by Jamie Cruickshank
Aztec, 1983
Red Earth, 1984
The Honey Lands, 1985
Aztec, 1983   4' x 5'
residential commission, Toronto
Red Earth, 1984   4' x 5'
residential commission, Toronto
The Honey Lands, 1985   3' x 4'
residential collection, Toronto


Garden of Light
Garden of Light, 2008   3' x 2'
residential commission, Ottawa


Flowing Form, 1995
Soft Landscape, 1998
Mountainside, 1995
Peace, 1990
Flowing Form, 1995   6' x 7'
residential commission, Kanata
Soft Landscape, 1998   4' x 7'
residential commission, Thornhill
Mountainside, 1995   5' x 7'
residential commission, Ottawa
Peace, 1990   3' x 4'
corporate collection, Ottawa


Sky Streams
Sky Streams 2013 3' x 4' residential commission, Edmonton, Alberta

During the process of designing and weaving each tapestry, I attune to ancient mysteries of the weaver's path. The repetition of over and under, followed by under and over, meditatively connects me to Navajo, Mayan and Buddhist beliefs where weaving, or the union of warp, or tantra, with weft, or sutra, creates harmony.

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